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Go to Global Hip-Hop FAM

Global Hip-Hop FAM

The Global Hip-Hop Group exists to build unity and community strength through strategic partnerships and innovative economic concepts.

Go to Open MIC-Ear to the Ground/Eyes to the Sky

Open MIC-Ear to the Ground/Eyes to the Sky

poets, musicians, storytellers, etcetera and everything in between, all are welcome! If you don’t give voice to your story who will?

Go to Social Enterprise Cohart

Social Enterprise Cohart

Our group is about exploring Radical and CREATIVE Ways to Redefine Work, by fusing cultural/artistic aspects of our Lives with technology and philosophy.

Go to IOS/Android Peer Review

IOS/Android Peer Review

A real social network that drives us forward as E-Learners.

Exclusive Colo-Red Expressions


"-- never accepting what is, and always exploring what can be."
Learn, Build, Innovate: Repeat

Our Global Hip-Hop learning initiative started as a technology based meetup group with less than 20 members one year ago. Today that vision has grown to encompass a network of five social-media groups, with over 5,000 members. With an extended network of local artists and community organizations we promote events and conduct workshops that highlight the educational, cultural and artistic aspects of Hip-Hop, poetry, environmental and visual arts within a framework to encourage self-reliance, self-expression and enhanced cognitive development. At each event/workshop we strive to connect with members using the medium of art and technology to re-imagine the world–never accepting what is, and always exploring what can be.

  • Global Hip-Hop FAM!
  • Eye To The Sky Open MIC
  • Social Enterprise
  • ioS / Android Programming

The struggle is real... The Global Hip-Hop Academy is now a Fractured Atlas fiscally sponsored project, and we need your help to expand our vision. Make a tax deductible donation today.